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10 Tips Small Business Internet Marketing

Looking for some basic tips on Internet marketing for your small business? While there are hundreds of suggestions we can make, the following is a list of 10 tips that we think 90% of small business owners will find useful.

1. In the words of Ron Simon, "What are you trying to do?" What is the purpose of your site? In the end, it should be to encourage more business, but how exactly would do that? Start with one purpose - such as increasing the number of phone calls - and branch from there. It's important to set goals, but it's just as important to come up with a system to measure these objectives.

Website content king 2. Evaluate your website content - Content is King. What website you say? Is the content unique and useful? Will people learn anything when they visit your site? When was the last time you add new content? Does your website have content worth reading? Is your content fit your business goals?

3. <title> tag. Visit your website. Look at the top of your browser window. What do you see? Does that describe the page you're viewing? Is a unique description? Does it contain the keywords that you want people to associate with the page of your website? If you are a local business, it does not contain a local search keywords your keys? If you can not answer 'yes' to any of these questions, check out this article all about the title tag.

4. The call tracking and analysis. You can not fix what you can not measure. Analytics provides a large amount of data that is very useful, like where your website visitors come from, how long they stay, and what they are doing on your site. Google analytics is free and very very good, and we recommend it. We also recommend that you make sure you can track every lead generated by your website.

If you do not have a phone number on a web site that you can trace the call, visit They will issue you a unique tracking phone number and then forwards any calls that you get your main number while tracking the number of calls you receive, which is called, how long the call lasted ... etc. It's surprisingly cheap.

5. Take advantage of free local business directory. There are some great local business directory that is truly free. Visit, enter your business information, then take the time to send your business info for each directory that is displayed.

Moreover, we do not usually recommend paying for placement of directory ... we recommend starting with a free list and then see how it goes.

6. Check your competition. Visit your competitor's site. Do a search for keywords related to your business. Find out what others in vertical you do and say. This is a great way to get ideas and take stock of your company's online marketing efforts themselves.

Is this dog looks ugly to you?
Is this dog looks ugly to you?

7. Repeat after me - "I have an ugly baby." Many business owners love their Web sites, but the first step to improving your website is to acknowledge that it has some shortcomings. No website is perfect, and every website can use improvement. If you have a website, you have an ugly baby [sorry]. How ugly your website is, however, is open to discussion.

8. Start blogging. Every business, and we mean every business has something to gain by blogging on a regular basis. The list of benefits is long, but here is a short list of reasons small businesses should blog.

9. Posting videos online. Video is still a bit advanced for some, but the benefits can not be understated. Online video is the wave of the future, and every business needs to have something on YouTube, Metacafe, etc. If you are concerned about the cost here, keep in mind there are some low-budget option that will not damage your brand while still delivering real benefits.

10. Read as much as you can. There are hundreds of online resources is full of excellent marketing advice.

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if you're looking for jobs

Looking for jobs? maybe some of these article here can give you tips  how to find your dream job
hope this help

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just info

Maybe you're looking for tips to get pregnant fast, or how to get pregnant quickly either naturally or with medical assistance. This could be because you do not go get a baby.

When we want to get pregnant, of course, must be accompanied by a business / endeavor is worth not? Well, pregnant quick tips below can hopefully assist you in planning pregnant right program and can be executed with ease ..